Volleyball Clinic on Lopez Island hit with kids

A group of middle school clinic participants wait expectantly for the ball to be put into play.

In the middle of July, Mellonnie Altona, head volleyball coach of the varsity women’s volleyball team of Lopez High School, ran a week-long clinic for the middle school and high school-aged girls of Lopez. Running from Monday through Thursday during the week of July 13 – 17, the youngsters were divided into two groups: third through fifth graders who met three times that week, and the sixth through ninth graders, who met four times.

“This was an opportunity for the girls to get some one on one basics training in volleyball. Stances, striking the ball on a serve, how to position yourself to return a serve for the other team and set it up for a teammate to place over the net…these were just some of the concepts we covered,” Altona commented. “We had a great turnout and the kids were shy at first, but by the end of the clinic, when it was time to wallop their parents and relatives, they really strutted their stuff.”

Mitch Altona assisted as well with the clinic. Mitch has served as the assistant basketball coach of the varsity women’s team as well as in other sports-related capacities.

Sponsored by the Family Resource Center, the clinic provided an integral opportunity to help train up the next interested group volleyball players for the island.