Lopez High School Senior selected for the B-8 All-State Football Team of Washington

Dengler goes in for the tackle.

Dengler goes in for the tackle.

Kevin Dengler, one of Lopez High School’s graduating seniors, was selected to participate in the fourth Annual B-8 All-State football team of Washington state.

“I am extremely proud of Kevin,” Athletics Director Larry Berg commented. “He’s had remarkable success from his freshman year to his senior year; it’s just a great honor for him and for the school.”

The individuals selected for the all-state team must be an all-league player for the Pacific coast league and a senior.

“This is a great honor,” Kevin Dengler said. “I will probably play middle linebacker. I was also chosen as Special Teams Player of the Year as a kicker, and I shared this honor with Gale Jefferson from Lummi, so I might also play the kicking position on the all-state team. I also played end in eight man… usually either a tight end or a wide receiver depending upon the formation.

“I doubt I will be playing as a lineman as there are some huge guys on this team. More than likely I will play the middle linebacker position.”

The chairman and coordinator, Brian Myers, will be organizing the all-state football event. The game is June 26, and the players arrive on June 22. Dengler will report to the coaches and the seniors will participate in ten practices before the game. This event is in Odessa, Washington. Coach Larry Berg of Lopez High School will also be in attendance.

“There may be scouts at the game, as these are all the hardest playing seniors in the state,” Dengler said. “It’s an all star game. I will be trying my best to compete with everyone; guys will be trying to get on board with college football teams to obtain scholarships.” Dengler concluded. “I love sports…I just love playing and getting in there and fighting to win.”