Attention Hay Baler Owners

Attention Hay Baler Owners

The Senior Golf tournament was a big success; first place winners were Gretchen Scherzinger, Bjorn, Ottosson, and Skip Ward.

Second place in the golf tournament went to Bob Colman, Terry Clem, Dave Morton, and Jake Byron.

Third place went to Vaughn Williams, Carl Bender, Kevin Dengler, Judy Guzak, and Jim Ghiglione.

As Haying Season approaches, an ounce of planning, preparation and prevention could save you a good deal of time, money and aggravation.

Hay Balers are an important part of your investment in harvesting your crop. Having a 2 & ½ gallon pressurized water extinguisher attached to the baler or the tractor can allow the operator to quickly extinguish a fire in the hay caused by friction or sparks from the baler. Quickly applying water to the burning hay accomplishes two important tasks. It saves the hay from destruction by the fire. It prevents the hay fire from destroying the baler and or the tractor.

If you are interested in purchasing a 2.5 gallon pressurized water extinguisher or want more information, contact Chief Ghiglione at Lopez Island Fire & EMS 360 468-2991. Your fire Department can assist you with information on several different fire extinguisher retailers and wholesalers.