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Lopez Library

Check Out the Music!

In collaboration with the Lopez Island School Music Advocacy Foundation and Dean and Carolyn Jacobsen, the Lopez Island Library has a nice collection of musical instruments that we will check to patrons just like a book. These instruments all donated by the Lopez Island School Music Advocacy Foundation, are a way to stimulate musical curiosity and provide resources to children and adults who might not otherwise afford to explore their musical inclinations. All the items come with carrying cases, tuners, and how-to guides, and a an amplifier for the electric guitar. The items circulate for 28 days, like most other library items. Included in the “Check Out the Music” program are two ukuleles, one violin, two keyboards, two acoustic guitars and one electric guitar. Many thanks to the foundation and efforts of the Jacobsens to advance one of the library’s long-range plans to: provide musical and literary learning opportunities for the children and adults of Lopez. training will be highlighted at the Wednesday Nov. 18 meeting of the Lopez Island Genealogy group from 4-5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the library community room.

Pixar’s latest animated movie offering, UP, will be shown Saturday Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. Join us for a free, fun soon-to-be children’s classic.

Mark you calendar for some winter arts and crafts on Saturday Dec. 5 at noon-2 p.m. for a holiday ornament-making party. You bring the enthusiasm and we’ll provide the supplies and know-how. Kids and adults age 5 and up.

San Juan Library

Where can you take hula lessons, learn how to cook with a wok, listen to a presentation sponsored by the League of Women Voters, meet as part of a planning committee, or listen to weekly toddler songs and stories? The San Juan Island Library meeting room, of course. For many this is does not come as a surprise. In 2008 the meeting room was used for 843 meetings and programs for a total of 2025 of hours. Not exactly an island secret.

And now our meeting room is better than ever. Thanks to a San Juan Community Foundation grant awarded to the Friends of the Library the meeting room is getting a makeover. We have recently installed a 65” HD Plasma TV. In addition to that we will have a Blu-ray DVD player, VHS player, an integrated computer with internet access, and basic cable television. This means anyone using the meeting room can project PowerPoint presentations, Internet demos, DVDs, and VHS tapes.

We also received an individual donation and money from the Friends of the Library to install a dedicated phone line and purchase a conference call phone. We hope to see this well used.

We are currently booking the meeting room for 2010. You must fill out a new application each year to ensure your meeting room use. Library events do receive priority, but after that the meeting room is booked on a first come, first served basis. Be sure to get your form in as soon as possible.