Literary Moments

Hammock time has come again. Smell the fresh-mown grass, upend a cold one and nestle down with a diverting tale from the library.

Hammock time has come again. Smell the fresh-mown grass, upend a cold one and nestle down with a diverting tale from the library.

If you are at the library, try out our new outdoor reading areas where you’ll find comfortable red Adirondack chairs scattered over the library grounds.

This is all part of the library’s long-range goal to make the library a comfortable place.

What’s new that might tickle your fancy? Well, a number of tried and true authors have just released titles that are in our new arrivals area. Just to name a few:

“The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” by Stieg Larsson – the last in the trilogy that started with “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Not to give too much away but Lise is in the hospital and must depend more than she cares for on friend journalist Mikael Blomkvist to continue her quest for justice. Can’t say anymore, because…I haven’t finished yet!

“Solar” by Ian McEwan – A definite departure for McEwan, but a welcome one. This is dark humor at its finest as we gape in astonishment at the amoral potential of our protagonist, Noble-prize laureate Dr. Michael Beard. He hasn’t done any real science in years but hops on the climate change band-wagon on stolen ideas and big-time bad karma. Who knew McEwan had such a wicked sense of humor?

“The Pregnant Widow” by Martin Amis. – Set in 1970s Italy, this story of a group of British friends staying at a castle for the summer mixes the love of literature and sexual longing with a fast forward to jaded middle-age. This is my favorite Amis book to date.

“The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner” by Stephenie Meyer – This is an “eclipse novella” told from the perspective of two “newborn” vampires turned by Victoria the vengeful who wants to take down Bella Swan and the Cullens, and who unwittingly unites the werewolves and vampires of Forks Washington!

“Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher – A new fantasy series, about a “live” prison called Incarceron, made of metal that evolves from a utopia for undesirables to a self-aware red-eyed Big Brother. No one gets out and no one gets in. Inside, Finn who has no knowledge of who he was before or where he is finds a way to communicate with the Warden’s daughter who lives outside where inhabitants must live according to seventeenth-century norms. A cliff-hanger ending because there is more in this series!

“61 hours : a Reacher novel” by Lee Child. – 14th in the series, Jack Reacher, ex-military cop is back at it this time in small-town South Dakota. Throw in big-time meth labs, abandoned military bases with shadowy pasts, some welcome back story for Jack and really cold weather to beat the summer heat and you’ve got a winner.

Fever Dream by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. – We revisit Special Agent for the FBI Aloysius Pendergast as he discovers that the lion attack 12 years ago that killed his wife Helen Easterhazy, during their African safari was, in fact murder, since someone deliberately loaded her gun with blanks. Is it tied to Helen’s mysterious obsession with famous painter John James Audubon and his masterpiece known as the Black Frame? The painting was never found, and Audubon’s life ended in madness. Madness and traitors play a key role in this 10th thriller by Preston and Child. A page-turner! Move over Dad, there is room for the kids in that hammock, too!

Children can dive into books, and rewards, this summer with Lopez Library’s water-themed summer reading program, “Make a Splash”

Your children are invited to participate in this year’s summer reading program. This summer’s theme, “Make a Splash – READ!”, will explore water – from bubbles to boats – and guarantees an ocean of fun. The program is free and open to children of all abilities. Starts on June 18, but you can register early at the kick off party, Wednesday at 11am on June 16th at the library. There will be food, stories and free books to give away!

Program dates: June 18 – August 13th

How to register: Fill out form and bring into library

How to participate: Read books or listen to a book and record titles in your log-book (kept at the library). Earn book bucks and a goody bag while having fun reading.