Lopez Volleyball is almost there

By Gene Helfman

The young Lopez volleyball team approached the end of the season with wins against Lummi and Cedar Park. On Oct 17, the Lobos hosted Fellowship Christian with their 10-win, two-loss record. The different histories predicted a lopsided contest, but the Lobos opened the first game with a 5-1 lead and led 9-6 later. After tying things up at 9 apiece, the Eagles went on a seven-point run and pulled away, the game ending 25-13. The second game was played closer, the early score Fellowship 12, Lopez 10, before Fellowship took over, the game ending again 25-13. The third game was entirely different and was played evenly, the lead changing throughout, and was tied at 18 apiece. The Eagles again surged on excellent serving, the game ending 25-19. Lopez shone at the net through all three games, with stellar play by Betty Burt, Amelia Patino, and Dani Arnott, and successful serving by Ruby Sausman and Maya Briggs.

After the match, Coach Karrie Warner complimented the team on their level of play, especially in the third game, which was indicative of what they could do. She emphasized that “when they have it, it looks really beautiful. They’re almost there. They have all the talent and need to put it all together… and find that dance on the court.”