Lopez sports rewind

Alumni athletes - where are they now?

By Gene Helfman

Special to The Weekly

Daniel Jenison (23) takes a handoff from Keldon Jardine (80) and scores through a huge hole created by Derekk Buffum (22) and Mike Hobie (72) in the Lobos 62-38 victory over Evergreen Lutheran, Oct. 29, 2011. After graduation, Daniel spent time aiding folks with mental challenges in Marysville, followed by jobs with a tree trimming company and a stone mason. He, like many others, is waiting out the pandemic while looking for work that will keep him outdoors. Keldon joined the Army Reserves, worked in a correctional facility in Douglas County, and is married and owns 30 acres in Mansfield WA. He is a Deputy Sheriff in Douglas County. Derekk traveled widely in Europe then worked in construction and excavation until landing a position with San Juan County Public Works. He bought 10 acres on Lopez and is saving to build a house. Mike attended Skagit Valley College then returned to Lopez and is one of two full time rural mail carriers. He is studying online to complete his Associate in Arts degree.