Vote Hughes and Palmateer | Letter

There is so much to be concerned about these days. Much of it well beyond our abilities as individuals to effect any change. Except that we each have a vote. PLEASE do your homework and VOTE.

Here in our little watery corner of America, we face our own unique challenges and uncommon opportunities to effectively cope with a troubling future. Before the national debacle of COVID-19, this County already faced a need for drastic reformulation of socio-economic goals just as we are surrounded by a sickly Salish Sea and a cascade of issues are generated by climate change.

The current race for two seats on our three-person Council, amid COVID-19 and serious economic downturn ongoing, is of existential importance. We are so fortunate to have smart, well-intentioned citizens step up to run for these very tough, 24/7 leadership jobs that now must function not only with moving chess pieces but on a moving chessboard as well.

Now is not the time to elect two candidates with limited pertinent experience. The learning curve is way too steep, the overlapping issues a minefield. It would be foolish to dismiss Hughes, a most energetic, productive and connected incumbent, proven over eight years, who is willing to give us more.

Palmateer is energetic, smart, congenial and well-versed in the technological new world we must rapidly embrace.

We support incumbent Rick Hughes for District 2 and newcomer Ryan Palmateer for District 1.

Steve Ulvi and Lynette Roberts

San Juan Island