Lopez High School Golfers swing into action

  • Tue Mar 22nd, 2016 11:30am
  • Sports

By Richard Tetu

Lopez High School Golf Coach

The Lobos are returning to the fairways with six men and 12 women this year. As always, they aim to demonstrate exemplary behavior and superb self-discipline while they learn to play the game to the best of their abilities as they follow the rules and etiquette of the game and maintain superior academic performance. Four ladies and five gentlemen are returning this year, leading and supporting eight new female players and one new male player.

Many golfers on the team hope to compete in post-season play, following the lead of past teams. The Lobos have been represented at the state championship for the last 13 consecutive years. Both the ladies and the gentlemen have won and placed in third place at the state B/BB Tournament in the last 15 years. They have also won the State B/BB Academic Championship four times.

The Lobos could not practice and play if they did not receive the selfless support of the members of Lopez Island Golf Course. They get to practice, host matches and complete workshops at almost no cost to the student. Very few golf clubs support junior golf as kindly with facilities, uniforms and equipment as Lopez Island Golf Course does.

With additional financial assistance from the Lopez Island High School Athletic Booster Club, as well as donations of equipment from generous local philanthropists, we are able to equip a proportionally large team for a small school.

Professional golfer Steve Nightingale held a golf clinic for junior golfers on March 11, 12, 18 and 19; most Lopez golfers got to attend this clinic, which was free for all attendees, even if they are not members of the school team.

Spectators are encouraged to observe our five local matches; since we play in a simultaneous start pattern, people can stand at the clubhouse or other suggested locations and see all players go by without having to walk the course.