Lessons and love of the game of golf | Spring preview

Front row from left to right: Marne Cook

Front row from left to right: Marne Cook

The game of golf is a succession of misses that you make up for – you keep hitting the ball and eventually catch up. Then you start all over again.

That’s how Golf Coach Richard Tetu sees it.

“I love to teach it,” he said. “It gives lessons in character all the way.”

And you don’t have to be a phenomenal player to get a lot out of joining the team.

Some students in the past have joined the team just to learn the sport and opted out of competing, which was fine by Tetu. He would rather have students who have fun than students who only focus on the score. But that doesn’t mean the Lopez Lobos haven’t had success on the green.

Last year, four players went to state. The boys’ team also won league and the girls unofficially won league, but because they had too few players they were not officially acknowledged. Not only did they play well, but Tetu said they always showed off their sportsmanship.

“As always our students are so well behaved,” Tetu said. “That’s why I call them the gentleman and ladies of golf.”

And to top it off, the boys won the title of State Academic Champions last year for having the highest GPA.

This year, Tetu said there is a lot of potential, which has its pros and cons.

“Only so many students are allowed to go to league, so it’s going to be difficult to take just six girls and boys,” Tetu said. “I can see some freshman who could qualify easily but they won’t have a spot.”

He added that other teams may have one or two big stars, yet their weaker players are really weak, whereas Lopez has brand new players that are doing extremely well. Watching older players interact with younger players has made Tetu appreciate the dynamics within the team.

“The new players are not treated like they have to follow,” he said. “We are all equal and support each other.”

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