Vote for Pratt | Letter

As a resident of Lopez Island and a volunteer at the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District we are casting our votes for Lovel Pratt and encourage you to do the same.

On Lopez she was instrumental in helping us “Take Back The Dump.” During our four appearances before the county council to gain approval of our budget, our operating plan, and our board membership, Lovel continually suggested approaches to solve each problem, always making sure the needs of both Lopez and the county were addressed.

She came over to Lopez to listen to our concerns, to advocate for our issues, and to help find solutions to our problems.

She puts in the time and energy that it takes to understand the issues, making her a very valuable resource for those priorities identified as important on each island.

Lovel’s soft-spoken, intelligent, dedicated energy for doing the homework on important issues, both inside our county and in Olympia, actually gets the heavy lifting done while others sit by and complain. As others have said of Lovel Pratt, she will do the most good for the most people and the environment.

Page Read and Marney Reynolds

Lopez Island