Girls basketball – a small and mighty team

by Karrie Warner.

Excitement surrounds the 2022-2023 Lady Lobos basketball season. With a new coach, Karrie Warner, and a young team with no seniors and only one returning junior, this should be a year of great growth. Coach Warner is thrilled to step in at the ground level, bringing the team a new offense, one that has the potential to lead the team to victories. Warner feels her team has everything it takes to have a successful season: speed and ball handling from guards Melissa Valencia and Glory Westervelt, strength and height from Betty Burt and Dani Arnott, and strong forwards in Ruby Ervin Mclean and Jose Slattery. Warner also brought up two strong 8th graders, Ruby Sausman and Iris Ervin Mclean, who have worked hard to become assets to our small but mighty team. Please come to the games and cheer on this outstanding team. Go LOBOS!