Response to you Gregg Blomberg | Letter

This letter is in response to you Gregg Blomberg

I would like to know what American Legion Survey you are referring to, I would like a copy of that. You brought up the Republican Party, what does that have to do with the American Legion? The American Legion does not support any Political Party “Period”! The members of the Post all have their own personal thoughts and beliefs and make their own decisions. But the American Legion itself does not support any Political party.

I myself vote for the ones I think would best serve us. I keep an open mind not — a Party.

My name is Dave Resch ­Commander of American Legion, Volye B. Martin Post 93, and 793 Crescent Beach Drive, Eastsound, WA 98245

I have been a proud member of Post 93 for 53 years. I was proud and honored to have serve my county along with my other comrades. I Love my country the United States of America.

Dave Resch