Alex Cook of Lopez high school wins Maman Rose Golf Award

Alex Cook tees off during the 2009 golf season on Lopez Island.

This year, Alex Cook, a junior at Lopez high school, has won the Maman Rose award. This award, presented to the most deserving golf team member by a vote of the winner’s peers, is in its third year. Given in honor of a woman whose enthusiasm for golf permeated her life, the Lopez golf team awards the Maman Rose award to the student that they feel best embodies the qualities that Maman Rose herself displayed.

Richard Tetu, golf coach for Lopez high school, commented, “Maman Rose’s husband was the golf professional who taught me to play; I was working at the golf course, and everyone called her Maman Rose; she loved the sport but her hallmark was the kindness that she showed to all people.”

Other traits that the award winners have are diligence, honesty, selflessness, and inclusiveness.

“The golf team members choose several students with these attributes. The kids vote for the first, second, third fourth, and fifth choices for the award,” Tetu said.

Maman Rose, who passed away three years ago, lived in Quebec, Canada, and both of her sons went on to become professional golfers.

Alex Cook was chosen as the student who most embodies the spirit of Rose’s award.

“I have nothing to do with the selection,” Tetu said. “They choose a student who has integrity and kindness, and is a good player as well, but mostly it’s about embodying the spirit of compassionate competition.”