Language of Desire Reviews: Secret Way to Making Your Man Obsessed with You?

We no longer connect emotionally as we once did.” Does this phrase describe the current status of your relationship? Or are you actively looking for tips on restoring intimacy in your relationship or marriage?

The reality is that sex is as complicated for women as it is for men!

Today, millions of women worldwide struggle to bring some fire into their sex lives – and as many have come to learn, the struggle to get a stagnant sex life going once again is something that most couples will have to face head-on at some point.

In the Language of Desire, the author has made some bold claims, including promising to teach you how to get that man in your life obsessed with you sexually. The question that remains now is, ‘Does this guide stay true to its word?’ Stick with us as we look deeper into it.

Introducing the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith – What Is It?

The Language of Desire is a detailed guide to help women regain lost intimacy by learning to “talk dirty” with their men. Its goal is to harness the magical power of words to enhance intimacy, making men fall in love with their lovers once again.

Surprisingly, Felicity hopes to achieve this by training you to ‘talk dirty’ to him without necessarily using dirty words to achieve your goal. As she puts it, it’s possible to use harmless and non-vulgar words to turn your man on; you just need to know how to do it correctly.

By reading the Language of Desire and putting its teachings into practice, you’ll soon master the art of communicating with your man, including using simple words to engage him. This is all you need to make him yours.

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What Does the Language of Desire Cover?

The inscription on the cover clarifies what this guide is all about – using dirty words to get your man interested in you. Whether you’re a single woman looking to return to the dating world or are married and interested in strengthening your union, this book covers you.

It contains valuable tips focused on leveraging the power of spoken words to gain your man’s attention and make him sexually attracted to you. Felicity has divided the book into 30 sections, each covering a different topic.

At a glance, some of the things she has touched on include the following:

How to Make Him Quit the Distractions

In the world we live in today, there are tons of things competing for your man’s attention: social lives to organize, family needs, community commitments, work issues, etc. While these are the basic ones, some can adversely affect his emotional engagement, e.g., pornography and womanizing.

Thanks to Felicity’s tips in this guide, it shouldn’t be hard to make your man quit these distractions and shift his focus to you.

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The Cuddle Hormone Technique

Our editorial team would agree if you said cuddling is not a new seduction technique. However, Felicity does more than teach you how to become seductive; she takes you through the science behind seduction.

If you didn’t know, cuddling releases oxytocin, making your man more interested in you, thus forgetting the other women who may have taken up his time.

Overcoming Shyness

All women are built differently, meaning not every female is equipped to talk or is comfortable talking dirty. The Language of Desire will offer insightful tips on overcoming that debilitating shyness that’s making it difficult for you to put the moves on your man.

The tips it offers will enable you to use your words to arouse him.

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Erotic Telepathy

Learning your man’s sexual fantasies can open a new chapter in your sex life. The erotic telepathy trains you on ways to access his desires and turn some of these fantasies into reality, thereby heightening your lovemaking.

Make Your Man Feel Great

Dressing sexily and acting naughty aren’t the only sure ways of making men come to you: using words to make them feel special also works. The Language of Desire offers tips on how using language can make any man, no matter his societal status, feel appreciated.

In return, this man will want to reciprocate and make you feel special and wanted.

The Tease Identifier

Some people think teasing is an overrated and unimportant technique to use in building a healthy marriage or relationship, something Felicity disagrees with.

According to her, teasing is an underrated technique. When applied correctly, teasing can instantly raise the heat in the bedroom.

She has included a short section that will get you started immediately.

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Pavlov’s Erection Technique

If you have ever wanted to drive your man crazy using nothing but a simple phrase, this is one section you’ll want to pay attention to. Here, the author provides examples of phrases you can whisper to your man’s ear to drive him crazy.

These are phrases that can make him go wild without having to touch him.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Felicity has slashed the price considerably, ensuring you’ll only need to pay $47.00 instead of the original price of $97 to get your hands on The Language of Desire. Moreover, every purchase has a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

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Silent Seduction

As we have seen, the Language of Desire provides valuable tips on employing words to get him interested in you. In Silent Seduction, you learn how to capture his interest using non-verbal cues.

This guide will train you on how to master and employ body language.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty

Felicity has done more than teach you how to text; she has included her collection of dirty texts, which you can use for various occasions.

Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable Confidence is a 90-minute training module to help you develop inner confidence. Using this confidence, you’ll be able to attract and retain any man you want.

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About Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith is the author of the Language of Desire guide. She, like many other women, has gone through that phase where she wondered why men choose to seek sexual pleasure elsewhere despite dating beautiful and sexy women.


Her quest to understand this subject led to her undertaking months of research that saw her engage different sex experts and married and single men. Her research findings are compiled in this guide and are a great first step to rebuilding desire in a marriage.

She hopes the tips she has offered in this guide will help you get his attention.

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Q. Who is the Language of Desire for?

A. All single or married women can benefit from the tips provided in this guide. The advice is practical, easy to follow, and proven to work for single and married women.

Q. Where can I buy the Language of Desire?

A. The Language of Desire is available on the official website at a significantly reduced price of $47.

Q. Is my purchase protected?

A. Felicity and her team have provided a 60-day money-back guarantee to all women who buy the Language of Desire from the official website. Additionally, every order comes with three bonuses.


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