Lopez Soccer plays well against Providence

By Gene Helfman

Lopez fielded a large, strong, young team against the Providence Classical Christian eleven on Sept. 22 at home. A vocal crowd of over seventy-five fans enjoyed the break in the weather while cheering the Lobos on. The teams played equally through the first half, although much of the play was on the Lobos’ side of the field. Providence scored in the twentieth minute, the half ending 1-0. The second period found the Highlanders scoring again in the seventh and twenty-first minutes, the first goal just clearing the bar, high above keeper Jacob Sanford’s head. Providence mounted a very strong defense during both halves, thwarting several Lopez scoring attempts, although Lopez’s offense clicked better in the second period, getting four shots on goal. The best scoring opportunity came late in the period as forward Ethan Patrick made a solo run down the field, meeting the Highlander’s keeper head-on. No one was available to take advantage of the rebound, Patrick having outrun both his and the other team’s players. The match ended Providence 3, Lopez nil. Lopez’s record to date is two wins and two losses.

Coach Mycah Kraushaar, now also the Lopez Athletic Director, told the team afterward to keep their heads high, having played their hearts out despite the score, throughout “a very physical game.” The next home game is Oct. 18 against Coupeville.