Moonlight Manifestation Reviews – Legit Program That Works?

Is it possible to turn your dreams into reality? Alexander Wilson is the developer of the Moonlight Manifestation Program. He affirms that you can tap positive energy every 2.am while you are asleep. Moonlight Manifestation program maker asserts you can get whatever your heart desires by tapping the positive energy from the universe.

About The Moonlight Manifestation Program

Alexander Wilson shares that Moonlight Manifestation is a guide that emphasizes the power of positive thinking. Experts believe whatever your mind perceives can be made into reality by tapping the energy from the universe. Therefore, Moonlight Manifestation Program is like a mirror that helps you look into yourself and others and discover whether they are what you believe. According to this program, you can attract all the positive things your heart desires at 2 a.m. when your thalamus is active.

Alexander Wilson firmly believes that the earth enters a new cycle in 2021 where intense light energies will fill the earth and awaken many people. As a result, you can attract your dream home, car, career, spouse, and finances, among other things.

Moonlight Manifestation Program involves following a 3-second ritual (Dream Yoga) every night before sleeping. Alexander Wilson claims ancient Himalayan dream yogis used this 3-second ritual to attract abundance. Before going to bed, you need to write down one negative blockage you wish to overcome revolving around your relationship, health issues, or finances.

According to Wilson, writing is a communication shortcut that sends commands to your subconscious. After that, before sleeping, you have to set a powerful intention to clear the blockage at night while you slumber. During sleep, your full mind clears all the negative patterns in your life. The thalamus is a brain organ that can be “turned on” at 2 a.m. while you sleep. As a result, Alexander Wilson refers to this short period “The 2 a.m. Moonlight Manifestation Window”.

What happens when you sleep? In the first 15 minutes after getting to bed, your brain shifts from alertness to sleep. Shortly after, the heart rate increases, and the body temperature drops. Soon afterward, all the muscles relax, and the breathing rate decreases.

Finally, you enter the REM cycle for ten seconds throughout the night. But, at 2 a.m., the REM lasts for a whole hour. It’s during these 60 minutes that the thalamus switches on, and sound calming chemicals fill your brain. All the outside noise is blocked as you are in a deep sleep. Then, according to Wilson, the brainwaves, heart rate, and blood flow transitions to a “waking state,” and smells, feelings, visuals, and sounds come into awareness in the form of dreams.

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How can you harness the Moonlight Manifestation Window?

Wilson provides you with a 3-second bedtime ritual that you can use to activate and harness this state using the Vibrational Sound Layering. The Vibrational Sound Layering comprises 32 sound frequency layers, with each sound performing a specific task. However, the first three layers are vital in activating the power of manifestation.

Deep Sleep Layer- This layer unlocks the Moonlight Manifestation Window, and users claim they get the best night after listening to these frequencies.

The Storybook Scripting Layer- Wilson directs that you can use hypnosis to make your desires enter the subconscious brain. These specific sounds clear all negative manifestation blockages and new positive beliefs enter your brain.

The Manifestation Acceleration Layer- These sounds solidify positive thinking into your subconscious and signal the universe. As a result, you will pull all your desires towards you.

Moonlight Manifestation package

For $55.50, readers can have access to the Moonlight Manifestation Audio System, which can be downloaded immediately after purchase. According to the developer, you get three unique and professionally designed sounds with 20 vibrational layering frequencies so you can get transformed in one night.

The Income Manifestation Series comprises seven vibrational layering sounds that will clear all the blockages that prevent you from getting finances. According to the maker, these sounds are life-changing and will allow you to discover your purpose in life, enjoy a love life and gain financial freedom.

The ‘Unstoppable Motivation’ Series allows you to wake up feeling light, and every blockage is cleared in your mind. It includes an 8-sound journey that allows you to awaken your full potential.

The ‘Unlock Your Quantum Magic series’ comprises 6 sound journeys that allows you to unlock psychic abilities, soul gifts, public speaking talent, and a memory and IQ boost.

The ‘Sweet Dreams’ Application is a mobile app that you can listen to from anywhere.

The Moonlight Manifestation Bonus Bundle contains The Dream Yoga Activation System, The Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series, and The Overnight Healer Series.

Who can use Moonlight Manifestation Program?

Alexander Wilson shares that Moonlight Manifestation Program is for people who:

  • They feel like they have no purpose in life.
  • Need a financial or love breakthrough.
  • Need to clear negative energies in their lives.
  • I need a new awakening.

How long will Moonlight Manifestation Program work?

According to Alexander, you can experience months or decades of transformation in one night. As you sleep, The Moonlight Manifestation Program allows you to switch on the ‘ego mind’ at 2 a.m. This program allows you to let go of all the attachments and expectations and enables you to focus on positive vibes.

Unlike most manifestation programs that require you to perform yoga and meditation, Moonlight Manifestation Program allows you to open the subconscious in one single night. As a result, you do not need to consume sacred herbs or fly to the Amazon Jungle to turn on the thalamus; instead, the soothing sounds allow you to get into the subconscious and attract the positive energies from the universe.


Anyone can use the Moonlight Manifestation Program Sounds as if you do not need to know how to meditate or perform yoga.

The audio sounds are high-quality short sounds that will not make you feel bored.

You can download the sounds and listen to them whenever you want.

Alexander Wilson guarantees customers satisfaction and offers 60 days money-back warranty.

How to buy Moonlight Manifestation Program

You can buy Alexander’s Moonlight Manifestation Program online via the official website. After making the purchase, Wilson confirms that you will immediately get access to Moonlight Manifestations Program.

Final Thoughts

You can manifest anything you wish if you are happy and think positively. When you attract positive vibes, you get what you wish faster and quickly. Moonlight Manifestation Program developer asserts that the purpose of this program is to allow you to focus more on the solutions rather than the problems.

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