Lopez author releases two children’s books

Would you like your children to experience a little taste of life on a farm?

Lopez Island author Jan Crossen recently published the first two books in her “Farm Adventures” series. Through these beautifully illustrated books, readers learn about a variety of farm animals and are exposed to important life lessons. This series is available from Amazon and the Lopez Bookshop.

“The Adventures of Wilbur, A Part-time Farm Cat” is a heartwarming story for those who love cats. It was inspired by a brown tabby who appeared at the family farm several years ago. If you can’t get enough of the independent personality, loving purrs, and superior attitudes of a cat, then you’ll enjoy this book.

“This story is told from Wilbur’s point of view,” Crossen said. “Readers will recognize his typical cat behaviors. Wilbur is a wise cat who shares his wisdom with the reader. Parents and children are encouraged to discuss the importance of finding friends who love and accept them for whom they truly are.”

“My Musical Cow” is the second book in the series. This book was inspired by the family’s small herd of Jersey cows. In this book Crossen shares experiences of living with and caring for these animals. She also explains about various foods that are made from their delicious milk and cream. On a deeper level, the author uses these gentle creatures to teach a message of appreciating diversity and living in peace and harmony with those who are different.

“These are important life lessons for people of all ages,” Crossen said.

"My Musical Cow" by Jan Crossen.
"The Adventures of Wilbur" by Jan Crossen.