BioEnergy Code Reviews – Trusted Program That Works or Scam?

The BioEnergy Code is founded on the energy centers in our bodies. Another common word used to describe bioenergy centers are “chakras”, and ancient practitioners avow that there exist seven such centers. Through this system, individuals will acquire crucial guidance in how best to take in, store and then release energy as required.

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering why it is you have such negative thoughts scurrying through your mind? When you see others enjoying their lives, do you wonder why you can’t feel similar emotions? Sometimes, the answer to such questions can be found right under one’s nose or in this case, within the body. Duo, Angela Carter, and Anthony Roberts believe that people struggling with themselves are likely to possess energies that require releasing. Not following along yet? The purpose of this review is to introduce the BioEnergy Code, a system through which individuals are poised to connect to their Chakras.

Above all, the BioEnergy Code will educate consumers on how to prevent energy centers from becoming barricaded by traumatic events, painful experiences, disappointments, and setbacks. The latter is what needs to be avoided at all costs, as such events tend to prevent consumers from channeling their energies and those houses within the universe for utmost success.

How does the BioEnergy Code work?

The BioEnergy Code, reviewed in the Globe Newswire here, has been primarily created to show how harmful blocked bioenergy centers can be to one’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. In general, individuals are advised to consider the likes of yoga and crystals, however, there exists a simpler approach to healing. In particular, the creators of this system, Angela Carter and Anthony Roberts insist that the answer rests in ancient Chakra teaching, i.e., the Tibetan prophecy called “The Tiger Prophecy”.

In other words, there is a switch in the body that needs to be activated so that healing and balancing the Chakras isn’t slow like an elephant, but speedy like a Tiger. To unleash such alleviation, the duo combined guided meditations and powerful visualizations from Chakra teachings into one simple track.

Having tested the audio track on herself, Angela only started to feel its effects on the third day. Particularly, she experienced a “deep-seated, soul-soothing peace,” adding that she actually felt a “powerful flow of positive energy into [her] body.” How can anyone neglect its ability to dissolve negative energy, attain peace and balance, and the connection established with one’s own life? These are just some of the benefits that individuals can anticipate in the times to come.


How has the BioEnergy Code been structured?

The BioEnergy Code embodies a series of phases that need to be fulfilled to experience a connection like none other. Below is a preview of each phase:

Phase #1. Welcome the Energy

The first audio emits two different types of frequencies: golden frequency and 432 Hz frequency. The duo is trusted to put the brain into a meditative state. In a time in society where so much importance is placed on fighting one’s mindset, such expectations are not required with the BioEnergy Code because the audio naturally takes care of alterations.

Phase #2. Foundational Energy

The second phase is founded on the Root Chakra, an energy center that encompasses elements known to ground consumers for increased stability. This typically entails food, water, and shelter, and emotional support to release the negative types. Having said that, it is within the second phase that the supposed switch is activated so that “the current of manifestation” can make its journey throughout the body.

Phase #3. Relational Energy

Also referred to as the Sacral Chakra, this energy center embodies emotional intelligence, meaningful relationships, and ensures feelings of pleasure. An imbalance in this chakra may give rise to aggressive behavior, depression, and poor health conditions. Some of the most common advice given to attain homeostasis is to move, including essential oils, and meditate. With the BioEnergy Code, individuals will be introduced to the necessary guided visualizations and affirmations crucial for healing.

Phase #4. Personal Power Energy

Also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, this is the energy center that rests at one’s core. By core, we mean source of fire, personal power, and happiness. Sometimes, a switch alone doesn’t suffice to destroy a blockage. At this point in the BioEnergy Code system, individuals will come to realize that strengthening their inner power is what indicates the strength of one’s energy centers.

Phase #5. Heart Energy

Popularly known as the fourth primary chakra, the Heart Chakra is yet another energy center that is negatively impacted by feelings of stress, emotional distress, and illnesses among others. A blockage in this center automatically suggests hindrances across the entire body. This is evidently a problem since the heart chakra represents compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. As stated by Angela Carter, love is “the language of the Universe [and] a pure radiant love resides within [everyone].”

Phase #6. Expression Energy

The Throat Chakra is what allows individuals to express themselves openly and honestly. Most consumers are incapable of owning and speaking the truth, and if not the truth, at least issues that are preventing them from fully attaining happiness. If this persists, not only will one’s ability to communicate be compromised, but so will factors such as creativity, self-confidence, and decision-making capacities.

Phase #7. The Intuition Energy

The Intuition Energy, or simply put, the Third Eye Chakra is a center that ensures consumers rarely experience self-doubt. At least this is the result when the chakra is in balance, and to maintain this, unique visualizations will be provided through the BioEnergy Code.

Phase #8. The Oneness Energy

Up next, we have the Crown Chakra, i.e., the center that distinguishes one person from the next. Individuality is an important aspect that is trusted to connect people to their lives and universal energies. When confusions arise, things are likely to fall apart.

Phase #9. The Power Extension

The Power Extension allows individuals to return to “their conscious life with a new sense of expansive peace and warming love.” Better yet, being able to tell oneself that they are enough can be achieved at this phase.


How much does the BioEnergy Code cost?

The entire BioEnergy Code system is currently offered at a discounted price of USD 37 (originally priced at USD 197). For an additional USD 9.95 per month, individuals can get ongoing, weekly support from both Angela and Anthony. Upon becoming a “BioEnergy Insider,” weekly guided meditations will be emailed out. Topics of interest include “finding peace in uncertain times, unshakeable confidence, focus, strength, and more.” Above all, this system will be backed by a 365-day, money-back guarantee. More information on the refund processes can be gathered through the following ways:

Email: jv@selfhelppublishing.com.

Address: 111 Somerset Road #03-00, Singapore 238164


Meet Angela Carter, Anthony Roberts, and Self-Help Publishing

Angela Carter is the co-creator of the BioEnergy Code. Like most women, she spent her entire life manifesting the “perfect life” only to end up getting divorced. While this may seem like a simple issue to overcome, to each their own, and for Angela, it was supposedly a brutal experience. Trying to figure out how best to achieve contentment in her life, she spent a lot of time going through countless books and guided meditations. One thing that stemmed from this period of reflection is the realization that she is the only person who can transform her life.

As she set forth on her journey, she stumbled upon a “powerful switch” that has been preventing her from discovering her life and attaining an abundance of success. To think that this discovery was made during her trip to Nepal surprised us the same way it surprised her. Specifically, her search led her to Anthony Roberts, who appears to have guided her during her quest. In fact, it was one question that he asked that led her to put together the pieces for the BioEnergy Code and it went as follows:

“Have you heard of trauma stored in the cells of your body?” All in all, the BioEnergy Code is believed to unlock one’s energy channels by resolving trauma, painful events, and negative experiences. While the duo embarked and arrived at a potential solution, it wouldn’t have been brought to light if it weren’t for Self-Help Publishing. Self-Help Publishing is founded by a group of digital marketers based in Singapore. As a vendor, this company aims to achieve two goals:

“To create high-quality products that truly help the people who purchase them [and to] help our partners make lots of profits in the meantime.”

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the BioEnergy Code is a system that has been developed to help people unleash their energy centers. For as long as time can tell, the idea that success and fortune are what fulfills one’s life has been drilled into everyone’s heads. Unfortunately, the same level of significance has not been placed on our heart, passion, and reason for existing until recently. In fact, it is reckoned that many of us are living lives with intense blockages within our energy centers.

Angela Carter and Anthony Roberts have compiled a series of guided visualizations and audio tracks that can unlock all seven of our chakras. Besides providing a solution, the duo believes that this system should be celebrated for its ability to educate consumers on the reasons why they become blocked, means of eliminating blockages, and how to prevent them altogether. Given that chakras have been appreciated since ancient times, diving into the BioEnergy Code might provide individuals with a new perspective on internal healing.

Clearly, the need to institute connections with the universe’s energy channels cannot be hidden, and having guidance through the BioEnergy Code might be a great first step.

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