Lopez Community Fireworks

  • Sat Jun 27th, 2009 1:44am
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Lopez Community Fireworks

This all-volunteer organization is now in its 23rd year. We wish to thank our Island communities, friends and families, for their wonderful continuous support. We are dedicated to providing a wonderful fireworks display for the Islands community.

As another fine 4th of July is getting close, the all-volunteer Lopez Island Fireworks Crew is busily assembling this year’s hand-crafted, locally designed pyrotechnics display. The show this year will feature some of the Lopez Classics likes the Crossing Palm Tree set, the eerie Nishiki Kamuro Niagra Falls, and Crossing Comets, in addition to an enhanced series of six quarter-mile long “fronts” spanning nearly the entire spit. Additionally, we have managed to source a nice collection of large caliber shells this year despite the ongoing challenges regarding importation. Invite your friends and family and we hope that you enjoy!

This year once again we will add background music to our unique fireworks show. Thanks to the technical support and willingness of local station KLOI ( 102.9 FM) The radio station will start their program approximately fifteen minutes before show time, they will have a short informational program and then will have selected music for the show. Show starts promptly at 10:30 p.m. Please tune into 102.9 before and during the fireworks show.

We would like to invite you to a gathering in the early morning of July 5. What goes up, also comes down and must be cleaned up. This is a task that most of us would like to ignore, but it must be done! Please call 468-2816 if you would like to participate in this fun early morning gathering.