Catherine Pederson to retire from Orcas Choral Society

  • Sat Jun 27th, 2009 1:43am
  • Life

Catherine Pederson, long time director and co-founder of the Orcas Choral Society, has announced that she will retire from this role after the May 2010 concert. The upcoming season will continue as usual with a Christmas concert, participation in the school benefit concert, and the annual spring concert under her direction.

Many island people have sung with the group over the years, so her sentiments are far reaching when in a letter written to current Choral Society members to announce the change, she says, “My vision of more than thirty years ago of a community chorus open to all. One which sings beautiful and challenging music of all kinds, is committed to continually expanding its horizons of musicality and quality and which offers this choral music to its audiences, has become a reality. It is a dedicated community of singers called the Orcas Choral Society. Co-founder Louellen McCoy and all of you who have raised your voices in Choral Society song have been valued partners in this journey. This upcoming year will be a celebration of our Choral Society heritage and tradition, and an affirmation of what that means to all who sing and to all who listen.”

The Board of Directors for the Orcas Choral Society will coordinate the process of finding a new director.