Yes on School Bond | Letter

As a former student and graduate from Lopez School;  as a parent of children currently enrolled in Lopez school; as an international clean energy policy professional; and as a Lopez property tax payer, I strongly support the Lopez school bond.

The proposed energy and water efficiency improvements in the bond are extremely important. They will help free up over $750,000 of dollars per in operating expenses over 30 years – money better invested in hiring great teachers and purchasing educational materials. The improvements will make the school a safer and a more comfortable environment. From a cost saving perspective, energy efficiency measures like those covered in the proposed bond are an excellent idea. In our case, in which Lopez has won over $700,000 of grant funds available only if we win the bond, I think voting for the bond is a no-brainer.

Please join me in voting to approve the Lopez School bond.

Chris Greacen

Lopez Island