Kids deserve yes on School Bond | Letter

We have lived on Lopez Island for almost six years our 70’s, though retired. We came because of the vibrant community already existing here.  We were so impressed that first year when the “U.S. World New and Business Report” ranked Lopez Island High School in the top 500 in the nation!  It was clear that the public school here was not only a commitment to the future, but also an important center for our whole community. We’ve loved watching the school population grow as new families are choosing to raise their children on Lopez Island.

We have attended several meetings where the school board presented four possible scenarios for dealing with the aging and somewhat jerry-built school buildings. While we don’t have kids or grandchildren in school here, having a great school would be enhanced with great facilities. Certainly property values would reflect an outstanding school, but more importantly, the school is one of the hubs of our great community.  We support the bond and congratulate the school board for the methodical way they researched and then educated the community as to our options, so that we the people can choose what we see is necessary. Loans are as low as they will ever be, so we need to make the decision now and not postpone until there is no choice and interest is much higher. The recently announced competitive Washington state’s “green” energy grant lessen the tax burden, and reflects a Lopez Island value.

We can do this.  Our kids deserve it.

George & Kay Keeler

Lopez Island