School Bond worth every penny | Letter

After last week’s community meeting about the Lopez School bond measure coming up in April, I can say without reservation, I’ll be voting YES. What I’ve heard and read from the team of architects and the school board has convinced me that the school-wide renovation, and the budget developed to accomplish it, is a wise investment for me and our entire community.  And with the repairs that are needed, the energy and water conservation upgrades that would be supported by the state, and the current exceptionally low interest rates for bonds, now is the time for us to take this important step to be good stewards of an island treasure – our K-12 school.

As I’ve learned more about the proposed bond, I’ve been impressed by our school board’s strategic planning and sensitivity to the needs of our community’s school now and into the future.

I’m equally impressed by the architecture team the board selected; they’ve designed a renovated school that respects our community values and that will enhance the fine aspects of the entire campus.

Our school’s physical plant needs some significant mending; right now we have a unique opportunity to make those repairs and at the same time gain some improvements that will enhance the learning environment. For the median Lopez homeowner, the bond to support the project will raise property taxes about $25 a month; in my view, it’s worth every penny.

Iris Graville

Lopez Island