Support for Cindy Wolf | Letter

It is my great pleasure to write in support of Cindy Wolf for a position on the San Juan County Council.

I don’t remember when I first met Cindy—probably because wherever I turned to get involved with my new community, it seemed Cindy was there, contributing her time and effort—but I immediately appreciated her sharp intellect and wit.

As I got to know her better, I learned Cindy has many qualities to admire; the ability to listen with patience and respect; the ability to speak honestly and with tact; a robust bullcrap detector. Cindy is that rare type of person that a wide array of people confide in; she seems to always know what’s happening, to understand the ramifications of an issue for all kinds of folks, and to know which questions to ask to gain a fuller understanding of an issue.

These are all excellent qualities for public office.

We all know the challenges facing our community, and I think it’s clear we’ve given the current council ample time to address the problems, with little to show for our patience; it’s time for a different approach. We need a council that will work towards a San Juan County that is healthy for ALL the people, plants, and animals that live here, and who understands that sacrificing the health of any of these for the sake of the “economy” means we eventually lose both.

Thanks for running, Cindy.

Thanks for voting for a better San Juans, neighbors.

Keara Axelrod