Vote for Rick Hughes | Letter

Rick Hughes is the best choice for County Council. I met Rick a decade ago when I moved to Orcas from Lopez. He was on the board of the Farmers Market and when an issue came up, he supported our brick and mortar business when things were tough at the start of the great recession. A year later he and I were the only ones from Orcas attending a teleconference with a town meeting in Friday Harbor.

Since then I have been impressed with his community activism and service on Orcas Island. Before he was elected to the County Council eight years ago, he served on many boards giving him real experience that he uses in steering our County. His opponent does not have that kind of experience. I don’t think being the wine manager at a local restaurant qualifies her to be on the County Council.

One local issue that Orcas residents have rated of high importance is safe roads as we deal with increased traffic, especially between Eastsound and the ferry. Rick was instrumental in furthering the goal of a bike and pedestrian lane to the ferry so that our drivers are not stuck behind them. He supports the “Complete Streets” program for all modes of travel — vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

Rick has shown the value of his eight years of Couty Council experience when he addressed the affordable housing problem, promoted renewable energy, and kept our counties safe with his response to the pandemic. Please join me in voting for Rick Hughes.

Dan Christopherson