Vote for Hughes — the politics of the middle | Letter

These are polarized times. While all are free to express their opinions, I believe it renders little if any service to the public for a political party to support nonpartisan county candidates. The original county charter made offices controlled by the charter non-partisan, and the first Charter Review Commission saw no reason to change this.

Although there are philosophical differences between political parties, county government is not readily amenable to grand schemes espoused by partisan political parties. There are deeply environmentally committed and community-minded Republicans, and there are Democrats who, notwithstanding their general support for communitarian principles, are deeply conscious of their own property rights and status.

County governance, with its limited powers and limited resources, requires virtual acrobatics to make things work for all. It is the place for experienced pragmatists who can survive in the middle, while criticized from all sides (there are more than two; perfectionists come in many flavors).

Rick Hughes is in the middle, prepared to represent the interests of all, and I support him. Full disclosure: I am running for Charter Review Commissioner and did not request support from the Democratic Party of which I am a member.

Bill Appel

Waldron Island