Our current reality requires tested leadership | Letter

I’m not typically one to shout my politics from the rooftops… but today I feel compelled.

Our island community will be filling their ballots in the coming days – not least, to elect our district’s next County Council Member. Both candidates running for this non-partisan office are well-intentioned and bring great ideas to the table. Today I am sharing with my fellow islanders why I will be voting for Rick Hughes.

Rick is tireless, selfless and compassionate. I have worked with him on a number of projects and have observed him pivot constantly to answer questions on the street or pickup calls from concerned citizens. His drive to assist others seems infinite. “What can I do to help?” is a question he must ask 30 times a day. I feel it defines him as a person.

He is extremely competent and committed to his job. His understanding of governmental process and finance is almost intimidating. The countless nights and weekends he works – responding to every issue he can – is truly inspiring. Considering I can burn some midnight oil myself, his work ethic has more than earned my respect.

He listens, collaborates and is beholden to no entity. Whether it’s bringing together business owners from across the street, community leaders across the islands or county commissioners across the aisles, Rick is always committed to finding a solution that will work for everyone. And he does so with no agenda aside from generating the greatest positive impact he can in our community.

Rick’s experience, his integrity and the commitment he’s shown to our community is what we need now more than any other time. Any government official will agree that it doesn’t get much more challenging than our current set of circumstances. And although I will always encourage different voices to speak up and push the issues in our community, I feel it will take true, tested leadership to find ways to address these issues in today’s reality.

Regan Vaughn

Orcas Island