Consider the curriculum | Letter

For those in support of Referendum 90, consider the curriculum. Comprehensive Sex Education promotes the sexualization of students from kindergarten through 12th grade, normalizing gender confusion, masturbation, and encouraging children from elementary school on to seek sexual pleasure at any age, at any time.

The 3Rs, one of the curricula in compliance with SB5395 The Mandated Comprehensive Sex Education Bill, provides instructors with material for anatomy lessons for kindergarten classes. For example, in step 3 of lesson 2, kindergarteners will take a detailed look at anatomy: “A person with a vulva has three holes between their legs and a very sensitive little area at the top called a clitoris.”

Why does a 5-year-old need to know what a vulva is, much less a clitoris? Step four suggests that students label these and other specific parts of female and male genitalia on a diagram at the front of the classroom with sticky notes.

Proponents of Referendum 90 speak to the importance of sex education in school, I agree that sex education is necessary. What I disagree with is the degree to which this curriculum promotes the sexualization of students in the classroom, starting as early as age 5. Reject Referendum 90 to reject THIS sexually explicit content that is far from age-appropriate.

Tamara Nelson

Friday Harbor

Editor’s note: According to the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Referendum 90’s sexual education billy would require teaching students in kindergarten through third-grade skills such as managing feelings, setting goals, and getting along with others, with no sexuality content required. According to bill sponsor Sen. Claire Wilson (D-Auburn), the classes would then, “Teach the concept of affirmative consent to older students so they can better recognize inappropriate behavior and their right to reject it.” There is no defined set of curriculum and each district would define its own lesson plan — age-appropriate and science-based. The aforementioned 3Rs (which stands for Rights, Respect and Responsibility) lesson plan would not be an option for schools until students are in fourth-grade. Additionally, parents can sign a waiver, excluding their student from the course.