‘Koch Brothers Exposed’ screening at Lopez Library

Submitted by Rebecca Hellman

The film “Koch Brothers Exposed” is being shown at different times around the county, at libraries as an educational event for citizens, on the moneyed interest affecting our elections, and lives.  It is in conjunction with a citizen’s advisory Resolution to Amend the Constitution through a local petition that states: “corporations are not people,” and “money is not speech.” The effort is to overturn the damage being done to the people’s confidence in their governance, caused by the ‘Citizen’s United” 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court, which allows unlimited amounts of money from wealthy individuals, multi-national corporations to affect elections, including unlimited advertisements.

Many towns, counties and states are moving their legislators towards this resolution. Vermont, New Mexico, and Hawaii have passed the resolution.  California, Alaska, and Ohio’s Assemblies have passed the resolution.  New York City, Los Angeles, Portland have passed their local municipality of the resolution. There is action in all 50 states. Locally, Port Townsend recently passed the resolution, the bills wait in the Washington State House and Senate, for people to make their will know. Other local communities are organizing for the same purpose.

“Koch Brothers Exposed” a new Robert Greenwald documentary chronicles the damage being done to individuals, communities and our democracy by two billionaires who use heir vast wealth to rewrite the rules of government to suit their ends, through organizations they fund like the American Legislative Exchange Council, which writes legislation supportingKoch’s ideology, and other corporations, or moneyed interests to be passed into laws by legislators.

The movie will be shown on Lopez, Tuesday, May 1, 7 p.m. at the Lopez Library Conference Room.  Sponsored by San Juan County Money Out of Politics Committee, affiliate of Move to Amend.org.  For more information, contact Kai Sanburn 468-4400, or Kate Scott 468-3837 or Rebecca Hellman at 468-3221