Enjoy spring and summer by volunteering at the dump

  • Sat May 12th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District

This is a public service announcement from your local recycling and reuse center requesting your consideration of volunteering for one shift this spring or summer at the Lopez dump. Lopezians voted to establish the Lopez Solid Waste District based on a financial model that everyone would pitch in from time to time and volunteer. As islanders grow older and/or move away, we need new volunteers to step forward and help.

We are specifically recruiting 100 individuals or families to “Adopt-a-Saturday” for just one 2.5-hour shift between May and September. By “Adopting a Saturday,” you can help the Lopez Dump meet its staffing needs during a very busy spring and summer ahead. Did you know that each day the dump is open requires eight volunteer shifts to be filled? We provide volunteers with training and site support to learn and be effective — anybody can do it.

A day at the dump is gratifying and cathartic. Volunteers report being both energized and grounded after a shift. Volunteering at the Lopez dump has been a rite of passage for a huge number of us Lopezians, and it remains a weekly civic duty for others, to whom we owe much gratitude.

Consider Adopting a Saturday or volunteering when your schedule will allow this season by visiting www.lopezsolidwaste.org/volunteer today. One hundred volunteers by the end of May will be a tremendous success.