Yes for the levy | Letter

We, as high school seniors, support the Lopez Island School and its methods of education. We feel that the staff of this school does its best to provide us, the students, with the tools that we need to succeed in the future. There is an upcoming M&O levy on the Feb. 11 ballot and we strongly urge the people of Lopez Island to vote “Yes!” Failure to pass this levy will result in a 25 percent cutback of district funding. In other districts where a cutback of this magnitude has occurred, athletics and other extra-curricular activities are the first programs to be slashed. Athletics and the “Farm to School” program are two of the factors that make this school so unique, and in losing them, we would lose the very identity of our school. I hope that the voters pass this levy so that this school can continue the high standard of education and individuality that it currently exhibits.

Chase Schober

Sam Heller

Fletcher Moore

Sarah Reeve

Derek Cram

Lopez  Island