Hope to end the jet conflict | Letter

When I joined the military the first thing I was told was “this is not a democracy, you do as you’re told and do not ask questions.” I fear the longer one lives under this mantra the more it becomes a mindset. Witness the atrocities committed in the name of “just following orders.” Unfortunately, change happens. The nature of war changes as does the nature of communities; as a community grows so does the need for peaceful co-existence. One group cannot assume a business as usual attitude when that attitude puts a strain on the community in which said group resides which is exactly the case with the Whidbey NAS [Naval Air Station].  Loyalty and obedience are the driving force of the military. In a democracy one is called to question and speak out. When two opposing forces meet there is conflict. In a civilized society this can lead to lawsuits, again the case here. Hopefully, elected mediators can sort out the problem to the satisfaction of all. If not, the ill feelings will only increase which, in the end, serves no one.

One of the sounds of freedom is the sound of protest, in this case protest to the military excesses.

Jack Pedigo

Lopez Island