The power of scholarship | Letter

Howdy folks from Lopez Island. Pat Roe, Jeanna Carter, Charlie Washburn, and I, Joe Dye, are board members of the new Lopez Island Community Scholarship Fund and we are ambitiously endeavoring to raise $60,000 for our 2015 graduating seniors aspiring to higher education and career dreams.  We hope to receive enough to award two $25,000 scholarships to be used toward four-year degrees and an additional $10,000 for scholarships of smaller amounts which can be applied to assistance for various educational pursuits.  All scholarships awarded can be applied for academic or vocational programs (certain stipulations and requirements apply-continuous enrollment and GPA, for example).  Pat Roe, a 50-year resident, conceived this plan and organized it as a tax exempt fund. Additionally, this fund will absorb remaining scholarship money from the Lopez Dollars for Scholars, keeping the management of the scholarship funds at the local level. We have various fund raising activities in the works … stay tuned.

Visit our website to view the Contributor Fact Sheet, board member biographies, contact information and more. That website is:  Any donation amount is valuable and our seniors will benefit for a lifetime. Right now donations can be sent payable to: LICSF, P.O. Box 111, Lopez Island, WA 98261.

Joe Dye

Lopez Island