Back to school | Letter

It’s back to school time and the Lopez Island Education Foundation is asking for community support to help fund teacher grants, student field trips and travel, intensive courses,  the school garden, and other interesting opportunities and programs that enhance our students’ learning and go beyond the classroom.

You will receive in your mailbox a letter from the Lopez Island Education Foundation asking for your support. The foundation recognizes that your tax dollars go to support the school, that you may have recently put school supplies into the bins at the bank or grocery store, and that you will likely be asked for support by clubs and organizations for school-related fundraisers such as talent shows or spaghetti feeds. Thank-you as all this goes to helping our students and school.

But there still remains a large financial need to pay field trip expenses, provide classroom equipment, purchase garden supplies, and support projects in the school. The foundation helps to fill those needs thanks to financial contributions from those in our community.

So fellow Lopez Islanders (full-time, part-time, guests, and businesses), please continue your support this year.

Read the letter as it explains what the foundation wants to fund.

Write out your check or donate online at

And the arithmetic adds up to providing a quality education for our students. Regardless of whether you have children in Lopez Schools or not, providing a quality education for Lopez Island students carries with it a multiplier effect in making your community stronger. All contributions make a difference and are greatly appreciated. We are all working together to provide our students with a great, well-rounded education.

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports Lopez Schools through community contributions. Donations are tax-deductible.

With sincere thanks,

Sally Reeve, on behalf of the Lopez Island Education Foundation Board of Trustees

Jamie Stephens, Lexi Taylor, Chris Greacen, Sally Reeve, Dave Sather, Alan DiBona, Chom Greacen, and Michele Heller. Bill Evans ex-officio.

P.O. Box 13, Lopez Island WA 98261