Thanks for M&O support | Letter

The Lopez School administration and board of directors would like to express our deep appreciation for the strong show of support demonstrated by the initial results of the Feb. 11 election and the strong approval of the M&O Replacement School Levy.

While the results are not official until the County Elections Office certifies the election, the results of the election clearly show the voter approval of the levy. The voters of the Lopez, Decatur and Center Islands communities are to be commended for their strong support of the Lopez School and the day-to-day work of the dedicated staff, board and administration. The levy approved on Feb. 11 will begin to be collected in 2015, and will replace the current levy which expires in 2014. The levy funds support approximately one quarter of the general operating budget from which expenses are made for basic education, extra-curricular and athletics, arts, general maintenance, special education, Farm-to-School and other costs of running the school.

The students of Lopez School are the direct beneficiaries of this generous gift of support. On their behalf we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for the support of our Lopez School and the approval of the M&O Replacement School Levy.

On behalf of the Lopez School board and administrators,

Bill Evans

Lopez School Superintendent