Silent witness | Letter

Thank you for the feedback regarding the Silent Witness Project on Fisherman Bay Road. Creating the installation has been a healing and enlightening experience for everyone involved. Some of you have asked me why we put up the Silent Witness Project when our island had no domestic violence fatalities last year.

Here’s why:

There are men and women in abusive relationships on our island right now. Survivors can be our friends, our neighbors, our family members and even ourselves. Do you know what an abusive relationship looks like? If your friend revealed that their partner hit them, what would you say? The Silent Witness Project does not just remember the dead. It protects the living by educating the community, starting the conversation among friends and showing survivors that we take domestic violence seriously.

If you want to show support, please attend our Community Vigil on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 5 p.m. at the Lopez Center Outdo or Pavilion.

We will remember not only the names of those that died, but the nameless women and men who are experiencing relationship violence right now in our community. Your presence says to the community that you support survivors and will not tolerate violence. Thank you Parvin Baharloo, Migael Scherer, Jack Pedigo, Eleanor Burke, Liles in the Valley, Jaina Bee, the Lopez Library, the Lopez Center and everyone else who has donated time and resources to end the silence around domestic violence.

DVSAS provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL services to survivors and their loved ones. Call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at 468-4567.

Kristina Moen, Advocate

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of the San Juans