Concerns about school bond | Letter

I see that the only thing that’s changed from the original school bond proposal is that now they have a wish list. The problem is there are no costs for any of the repairs or upgrades on their list.

As a taxpayer, I have no idea if the work to be done will cost $9.6 million or $2.6 million.

What the superintendent and school board want the taxpayers to do is blindly give them $9.6 million dollars and they will pick a committee to decide how to spend it. The budget in just the last three years has increased $413,747 or $1,863.72 per child and the state auditor found Lopez School financial management lacking to the tune of $64,182 in penalties and late fees.

Being a taxpayer and looking at the numbers for just the last three years and the fact that I have no idea what any of the work will cost or even what work will be done, I still would not give this Superintendent or school board 9 cents to manage let alone $9.6 million dollars of taxpayer money.

Dan Kovac

Lopez Island