Keep the heart of Lopez beating | Letter

We must keep the heart of Lopez beating for generations to follow.

In 2013, I moved to Lopez to join the elementary teaching staff. Over the years, I have worked in many school districts and never in my wildest imagination could I have dreamed-up a place as spirited as Lopez School.

Now, in my second year, I understand more of the basic needs for which the bond investment will care: the failing septic system, the floors, the insulation, the heating, the plumbing, the exterior siding, all of which are critical components for school function.

As with any large investment, one must decide if the foundation has what it takes to proceed. In my opinion, Lopez School has what it takes.

The foundation which keeps me thrilled to spend my days with 25 seven-year-olds was illustrated to me the moment I set foot inside our school last year, on my interview day.

The vibrant energy from children, parents, teachers and administrators could be felt like a pulse. It is one thing for an administrator to say to a teacher candidate during an interview, “We support your passion for a youth sailing program, a photography program, and an elementary engineering program.” It is another thing altogether to follow through on those ideas.

Last year, with administrative support and community resources, we reinvented the youth venture sailing program. This year, I am rebuilding the black and white darkroom and we are working on our STEM elementary engineering pilot.

Lopez understands that passionate teachers transform the learning community.

This transformative public school magic only happens with the kind of spirit and foundation we have on Lopez. With our foundation intact, we must rebuild the crumbling components. Like all modern public schools, Lopez is evolving and must keep pace with a fast-changing world; like all schools, Lopez is not perfect and we need your support.

However, unlike many public schools, Lopez is encircled by a tight-knit, visionary community which fuels our powerful spirit and shapes our strong foundation. With your support, we can stay healthy for generations.

Please pass the bond and keep our heart beating strong.

Brian Goff

Second grade teacher, Lopez School