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On Jan. 21, the nation marks the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, a decision that enabled corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence federal and state elections. As the 2012 election season ramps up, so will the corporate, union and special interest financing of political advertising. With the proliferation of SuperPACS and 501(c) organizations, major donors funding election advertising remain unidentified to the voters.

Be an informed voter.

First, ask every candidate at every level of government for his or her position on campaign finance reform.

Second, visit for reliable information for following the money in races in your district and around the country.

And finally, question every political advertisement you see or hear. Ask yourself who paid for that ad and why. Does the ad state clearly who paid for it? If the sponsor is a group or organization, can you go to its website and see who is a member and who contributes? If not, ask yourself why not?

Help make democracy work – cast an informed vote!

Susan Dehlendorf

Ann Jarrell

San Juan

— Editors note: Susan Dehlendorf, Ann Jarrell are Co-Presidents of the League of Women Voters of the San Juans