Strong v-ball team has high hopes | Volleyball preview

  • Fri Sep 21st, 2012 10:41pm
  • Sports
Top row

Top row

By Marne Cook

Special to the Weekly

The sound of smacking volleyballs fills the Lopez Island High School gymnasium as the Lady Lobos prepare themselves for the new season ahead.

Coach Jeremiah Johnson, a former volleyball player, has taken on the role of mentoring these athletes.

“With several veteran players with two or three years experience and some talent – we are looking at another year of strong team play. I am hopeful for our games this season,” he said. “And I am comfortable saying we’re going to win some games.”

Johnson strives to push these girls’ physical conditioning and skills to the next level. He also encourages his team to stay healthy, safe, have fun and excel academically.

So far, all their hard work has paid off too. With two wins already under their belt, the Lady Lobos are staying focused on their ultimate goal – state championships in November.

“I am so glad I have been able to play volleyball at Lopez High School,” said Eryn Dye, captain of the volleyball team. “I have had so many great experiences and I have learned so much from being on a team. I am excited for this year and what is in store for us. I know that when we, as a team, put our mind to something, we can accomplish anything.”