Soccer season takes off

Submitted by

Marina Steinbrueck

The upcoming high school soccer season for the Lopez Island Lobos begins with two home games the first full week of classes. The pre-season has been full of conditioning and developing a young team with the leadership of five senior players: Hazel Arden, Elijah Cary, Avery Conner, Lichen Johnson and Quinn Steckler. Their experience and positive sportsmanship will be valuable for the team. Sophomores: Leah Armstrong, Kevin Cruz, Canyon Hernandez-Doherty, Isara Greacen, Ananda Velo, Gwen Westervelt and Freshmen players: Andrew Auckland, Malachi Cary, Silas Nichols, and Levi McClerren bring lots of energy and enthusiasm for the team’s future. Coach Ali Nicol, former N.C. State midfielder, with assistance from Dylan Moore, a Lobos soccer alumnus, have an optimistic outlook on the team’s willingness to work hard and come together to be competitive this season.

Please join in and support the team and school attending as many of the matches as possible.