Lopez Lobos sports rewind

Alumni athletes - where are they now?

By Gene Helfman

Special to the Weekly

Editor’s note: Since high school sports are currently on hiatus because of the pandemic, Gene Helfman has taken it upon himself to find Lopez Island High School alumni athletes and find out what they are up to now.

In this photo from Nov. 1, 2014, Rande Gruenwald (No. 4) drops back to pass while brothers Eddie Kramer (No. 22) and Vinny Kramer (No. 40) fend off Lummi rushers.

Eddie Kramer is married and currently an Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine living in North Carolina. Brother Vinny is also married and is currently an Army Security Force Assistance Brigade Medic in Colorado.

Rande graduated from Eastern Washington University spring 2019 with a major in child services, worked with troubled teens in Spokane, and is waiting out the pandemic to find work in his field.