Lopez Lobos sports rewind | Gavin Goodrich

By Gene Helfman

Special to the Weekly

Gavin Goodrich is currently a student at Columbia University in New York, majoring in mathematics and music, focusing on musical composition and continuing his piano playing skills as a means of developing his compositions. Since high school, he has traveled to Ecuador, Nepal, and Guatemala, teaching English at each location.

During the COVID pause, he taught math and music at Spring Street International School in Friday Harbor, an unexpected blessing. He has also spent summers working for the Port of Friday Harbor. On the side, he has attacked the higher dimensions of Rubik’s Cubes, having solved a series of 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional cubes, with aspirations of eventually solving a 7-dimensional one. He is currently ranked around 20th or 30th in the n-dimensional Rubik’s Cube community.