Lopez Lobos sports coverage

By Athletic Director Mycah Kraushaar

Both Lobos Volleyball and Soccer had slow starts to their seasons, with just a few games played so far this season. Both sports saw unprecedented numbers at sign-up and made the decision to split players into JV and Varsity squads, a fairly new concept for Lopez sports.

The lady Lobos Volleyball had a tough start, starting their schedule with several notoriously tough teams. They stand currently with one win for both JV and Varsity against Lummi, and three losses. Coach Karrie recognized standout players junior Ruby Ervin-Mclean and freshman Ruby Sausman for their consistency and willingness to fill in and play wherever they’re needed most on any given day. She also emphasized that they’re playing incredibly well together, especially factoring in the new additions to the squad, and working hard every practice toward getting some wins through October and the second half of their season.

Our coed soccer team also started slow with just four games behind us. With two wins against La Conner and Grace and two losses versus Orcas and Providence, the work put in during preseason is palpable. They’re showing so much determination, commitment and team chemistry, and the overall quality of soccer being played is significantly more skilled than in the years prior. So far this season, junior Jacob Velazquez-Velazco has two goals under his belt, and sophomore Andris Meissner has one. Standout players in the last several games feature sophomore Oliver Rick, whose skill and intensity on the backline has significantly increased the team’s overall confidence level, and junior Rafa Velazquez, whose upbeat yet focused attitude and incredible skill work with the ball has set a baseline for the kind of passion we love to see from students in sports.

You can find the schedules for both teams on the school district website; community attendance goes a long way! Volleyball’s next home game is Wednesday, Oct. 4, with both JV (5:15 p.m.) and Varsity (3:30 p.m.) games. Lopez Soccer will host Orcas on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 4:30 p.m.