Learning to love the game of golf | Spring Sports Preview

Front row has Eric Paton

Front row has Eric Paton

Golf coach Richard Têtu said predicting the season each year is almost impossible. What he does like to predict is how much fun the players will have; lots.

‘The main thing is that they have fun,” said Têtu.

Already he has watched players spend two hours at practice and then heading to the golf course to play two more hours with their parents. This is one of the perks of the sports – being able to play with family members no matter at what age. Golf is a game anyone can play throughout life.

Watching players invested in the game is what Têtu said makes for a great season. He also makes sure that kids have excellent sportsmanship. After 12 years of coaching Têtu looks back at each golf team recalling how well the kids acted whether by following the rules or being kind to other players.

Going to state is just an added bonus.

Last year on the second day at the B/BB State Tournament, the combined scores of Lopez players Marné Cook and Sarah Reeve earned them a tie for ninth place and allowed them to secure third place overall as a team.

The Lady Lobos also earned the State Academic Championship a first place trophy at the B/BB District #1 Tournament and a tie for second place at the Tri-Districts Tournament. Although Jimi Brant, Sam Heller, and Brytt Weber were members of the men’s team who earned first place at the District #1 B/BB Tournament and third place at the Bi-District Tournament, they missed earning the State Academic Championship by .008 points, but still earned an Outstanding Academic Team Award.

Last year, the Lopez team of 24 had a great season and Têtu hopes for another great season. His team this year is half the size with just 12 players – one of the leanest teams he has had in the last ten years.

Some of the players will be playing for the first time, brushing up on rusty skills while other players will be shooting for state.

“They can take it as far as they want,” said Têtu.

His other hopes for the year also include more audience participation at home tournaments.

“Everyone is welcome,” he said.

Têtu said the Lopez team is grateful for the support from the Lopez Golf Course, which has gone above and beyond to help the golf players through clinics and affordable memberships.

“The kids know they are loved and cared for here,” said Têtu.

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