Have fun, play hard | V-ball

  • Fri Sep 18th, 2015 9:09pm
  • Sports

Mikayla Johnson

This fall, 15 Lobos will be hitting the court ready to bump, set and spike their way through another volleyball season.

For coach Jeremiah Johnson this year will mark another exciting opportunity for the team. Last year the volleyball team  placed first in league and third in district.

“We lost our tri-district playoff game with a record long loss match at 37 to 35 putting us somewhere about 14th in the state,” said Johnson.

He added that the previous team was made up of three seniors, two juniors and six freshman.

“This year even with the loss of the three seniors we have grown to a strong 15 players and a student manager on the team,” he said.

One amazing fact of this year’s volleyball season is that all of last year’s remaining team has returned and are on the court creating a well-seasoned group of players that will hopefully help the girls when they face the playoff games.

Other the other hand, although the addition of six freshman makes for fresh enthusiasm, time is needed to hone their skills. Another fun fact about this year’s line-up is that two foreign exchange students will be seen courtside – one from Spain the other from Moldova.

Johnson’s goal for the year is to have the girls work hard, work as a team and have some fun.

“One of my favorite things as a coach is seeing a player that has practiced hard, perform and achieve their goal,” said Johnson. “And then multiply that by a team that works hard… it’s just awesome.”