Football makes better people

A look at this year's football team

By Cali Bagby

Larry Berg is self-described as “upbeat.” He’s the kind of coach that sees sports as something that can inspire kids.

“I always tell my kids it will be a success if they become better human beings from the life lessons football teaches them,” said Berg, who has been coaching for 29 years. “In life you’re going to get knocked down, but you need to get up and pull yourself together.”

Berg said there many lessons to take away from the sport like learning how to get along for a common goal.

“I love to see the change in the players through the season,” said Berg, who watches player go from self-doubt to confidence.”

At the beginning of the season, the kids may think they can never run fast enough and Berg encourages them to utilize positive self-talk.

“I want them to have that ‘I can’ attitude,” Berg said.

And this year the Lopez Island Football Team is back. Last year, Berg didn’t have enough players to build a team.

Now twenty students will be donning shoulder pads and helmets and hitting the field.

Berg said its normal for small schools to ebb and flow with team sizes.

“This year we definitely have a range of players from older players to younger players,” said Berg. “I’m very optimistic about the season.”