Confidence high for golf team | Sports preview

  • Mon Mar 26th, 2012 5:50pm
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Top Row (Left to Right) Coach Richard Tetu

Top Row (Left to Right) Coach Richard Tetu

By Marne cook

Islands’ Weekly Intern

Rain or shine, when golf season comes around, Richard Têtu is ready for action.

Têtu has been the golf coach for the past ten years. His commitment, generosity and passion for his players and the game of golf have helped many develop their skills in the game of golf.

One of Têtu’s favored quotes is by D.A Pennick, “I know you’ll make better players of your students in four years. But will they be better people? That’s the important thing.”

Last year, out of the six boys and six girls from Lopez Island that attended the tri-districts championship, two players advanced onto state.

This year, the confidence that more will go onto state is high. On Tuesday, March 20, the team had a match against Grace Academy. Although the condition of the course was muddy and the greens had newly poured sand on them, Lopez Island rose to the occasion. Scores were slightly higher than normal,  but the girls’ and the boys’ team won the match. Chase Schober medaled in this game with the score of 44, beating all of boys playing in the match.

After the game Grace Team graciously provided snacks and hot chocolate as both teams mingled.

Conversation rolled along. The topic of post season came up. With a limit of six players per gender, Têtu informed his players that it would be difficult choice of who to take to this tournament, there were all proving themselves to be such promising golfers.

Not even half way through their season, the Lopez Island High School Golf Team pushes themselves each day to improve their swings, aim, consistency, and accuracy.

”I look forward to a lot of things, but what I like best is when students of any ability level shows me they want to improve; seeing someone spend extra time on the putting green or the practice green thrills me,” Têtu said. “And nothing beats the look on someone’s face when they know that, no matter the score, they tried to do their best.“


— Cook is a member of the Golf Team.