The KLOI membership drive is here!

Gary Alexander and friend jam at last year’s successful membership drive for KLOI.

KLOI is kicking off its 2009 membership drive with a live radio show on Saturday, September 12, 7:30 p.m. at the Lopez Center. The evening will provide a taste of KLOI by presenting abbreviated versions of various local radio shows, featuring KLOI radio “personalities” from all walks of life and backgrounds.

One of the shows, called Lopez Writers’ Read, is hosted by Lopezian Lorna Reese.

“My show centers on writers. The show adds a new dimension to people we all know and see on a regular basis, and besides, artists and writers are the most fun. They go deeper into life and come back with the most interesting things.”

Ron Metcalf, who has been involved for five years with the program, has been doing the Steve and Ron Show (with Steve Heller) since the station went on the air one and a half years ago.

“Steve and I have always focused on local interest stories, as well as interviews and what’s happening on the island on a day to day basis. This week, for example, we interviewed Jeffrey Stonehill on his one man Mark Twain show, and Chris Carter, of the Carter Family Marionettes.”

Reese’s and Steve and Ron’s are just two shows that will be featured in the line up on Saturday. Other shows featured will be Lance Brittain and The Grand Southern Vocal and Plectrophonic Review, the Lopez Radio Drama starring Terri Drahn and Robert Herrmann, the Lopez elementary kids, who will be performing a special radio program, and Groove Inn with Hawk Aarps, who will be providing live music.

Metcalf said, “We’re also featuring the various DJ’s who program our eclectic musical line-ups as well as having live music interspersed throughout the program. The membership drive show will showcase everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm, as we really do need a more robust membership; many of us aren’t good at doing certain tasks, like technical functions, but we get along. It would be very helpful to have more assistance.”

KLOI is a completely voluntary, community-funded radio station, and it needs member-supported donations as well as new membership to keep the station afloat. KLOI is available everywhere in the world via the internet by streaming.

“It’s a beautiful thing, community-supported radio. But it does need everyone’s hand, as well as their ears,” Reese said.